About Roominess

There are lots of decorating shows and magazines, but very few explain the process of interior design well.

Roominess is a YouTube video series to give you no-nonsense, how-to information about the process of designing interiors. You may be interested in the series if

  • You want to¬†understand the process of interior design.
  • You already have furniture and don’t plan on a “makeover” of your space.
  • You don’t have a budget for interior decorating. It just happens.

If there are specific interior design topics you’d like to be addressed in future Roominess episodes, leave a comment or send an email!

About Doug Walker

Here’s the dirt: I’m not an interior designer. I don’t have a degree in anything remotely close to interior design. I got hooked on it when I was seven years old. Since then I’ve been reading, watching, experimenting, evaluating, and critiquing nearly every interior design I’ve come in contact with.

More importantly, I can explain it. I can give you a clear breakdown of why a decor feature works, or why it doesn’t.