A sense of space is the single most important concept in interior design, but almost no one talks about it.

Regardless of the size of a room, what everyone wants is not actual space, but rather a sense of space. This is a sense of welcoming and arrival, as sense of privacy and protection, as well as a sense of freedom, relaxation, and being uninhibited.

All of interior design is trying to create this sense of space in your rooms—a balance between protection and freedom.

The key is to not to define your sense of space by the walls. Examples of how to do this are pulling furniture away from the walls, properly arranging table and floor lamps so more light is in the center of the space, and creating a focal point.

The same principles apply whether you want a cozy and warm space that feels more protected, or a light and airy space that feels more free.

The Roominess series will refer often to the concept of a sense of space.



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